I'm proud to annouce the sixteenth version of Buildtool (0.16), the newest and coolest version ever published (hmm... this holds true for all new versions so far). Don't know what is it? Just go to the website and start reading!

This new version comes with lots of new features and bug fixes, developed during the previous five months. Yeah, I know... a very long delay since the previous version, but I haven't had enough time to sit down and publish a version; it's a very time consuming and error prone task. Without detailing it much, I've to: create the tarballs, upload them (to Sourceforge), create entries for the files, update the website to announce the new version, send an announcement to Freshmeat, update the NetBSD packages... and post to this blog (this step is new in this version, hehe).

Hmm... I think I'll have to talk about why automake and autoconf are "bad"... to convince you of the joys of Buildtool ;-) But for now, you can read the manual, and in particular, the developer's tutorial. Have fun!