I've decided to try to silence my computer a bit; it made too much noise. So, after reading several articles from 7Volts, as well as other sites, I've done some computer "modding" today, and the noise has decreased, but the overall temperature has increased a bit, *sigh*. Guess I'll have to tune it a bit more.

The first step has been to disassemble the box completely. Why? To cut the metal sheet covering the front and rear fans. Believe it or not, this sheet produces a lot of noise when the air blows through it. If you do this, be very careful to not leave metal filings anywere, or you could cause a shortciruit later. Also install finger covers on any hole that's accessible from the outside.

After this, I've reassembled all the pieces and listened closely to check which fan was making the most noise. Yeah, your guess is correct; it's the microprocessor fan's fault (the smallest and the one which rotates faster). I think I'll get a new heatsink plus a fan... one that's not as cheap as this, and which cools better and makes less noise (yes, there are such gems).

Anyway, I've sealed all holes in the side covers of the box and removed the side fan (sealing the hole too). I hope this improves the air flow through it. At least, the temperature has just increased one or two degrees (but note that there is one fan less than before). If you are wondering what I used to seal the holes... well, just sticky tape.

Now, it does less noise, but I feel it's too hot. Tomorrow I'll try to remove the top cover of the box, as I notice that a lot of heat remains there. If that helps, I might make a hole there to install the fan I removed before. Note that I'm no cooling expert, so these tips may seem useless to you ;-) Before trying anything, check the site I linked above, and ask in forums if you have doubts (Ars Openforum is very good).