Gah, I forgot to post a message yesterday (hmm... does anybody care?). Anyway, let's talk about what I wanted to look at yesterday. While doing my English homework on Monday, I came across a quite interesting article about teleworking, titled Second Sight, from Guardian Unlimited.

If you think that working at home is all advantages, this article will show you the other point of view. Most of the reasons it gives are related to the lack of communication with people. Think of it: if you are at home, you are physically alone (and if you aren't, you'll hardly be productive). This means that you don't socialize with other people at all.

(Unfortunately) I've suffered this, although not at work. So, when, you ask? When doing university's "homework". Many people stays at the faculty and does it surrounded by other people, which they'll eventually know. Instead, I've done all of them from home. Hmm... maybe it's time to change my habits ;-)