TDD? Test Driven Development? Don't you know this concept? I didn't, until two or three weeks ago. TDD is, simply put, a development technique where test code is written before the code itself, so that the test fails before the funcionality is added and passes later. Furthermore, you'll end up with a complete suite of regression tests, useful to check if a new feature (or bugfix) breaks any other part.

I find this quite interesting so I'll be applying it to Buildtool soon. The point is to get a regression test suite so that it's easy to verify all features on as many platforms as possible (in Sourceforge's Compile Farm or HP's TestDrive, for example) before releasing a new version. As it's now, this is a tedious task, and almost impossible to properly verify all features.

You may be interested in this for your own project, too ;-) There is more information in this web.