Hi readers! I'm back from my vacations. Well... in fact I came back a week ago but haven't had a chance to write something for the blog.

So, what are my current projects? First of all, I've been updating all the GNOME packages in pkgsrc to the latest published development version, 2.7.92, in preparation for the shortcoming 2.8. pkgsrc enters a code freeze tomorrow, in preparation for the new 2004Q3 stable branch; this will last for two weeks, during which I'll be finishing the update and getting ready to do the mega-commit when the freeze is over.

I've been also working on a new program that simplifies the process of updating file hierarchies managed by a version control system, such as CVS or Subversion. With a very simple command, you will be able to update all predefined directories transparently, and generate pretty reports to be mailed to you or put on a webserver. It's designed to be easily run from cron(8) and to be run from sudo(1), so that you can let your users update system-wide trees but without letting them direct access. The code still needs several improvements, but it might well be released as a 0.1 version.

At last, I have to finish two small articles and publish them somewhere; one is about the GNU Build System and the other about making software package-friendly.

Will keep you informed about any progress ;-)