I've been trying to setup a new laptop today (unfortunately, not for me); one of the things I had to do was to install an external USB mouse (by Packard Bell). Easy, you'd say. But it has turned to be impossible.

First attempt: plug the mouse in the laptop. Windows XP sees it and tries to set it up. The result is a box saying that the mouse does not work. Ouch, it must be that I haven't installed the drivers from the floppy disk (hmm, drivers? for a HID mouse?). So I install them and try again. Same result.

Eww. Maybe the mouse is broken? I thought. So the next step was to try it on a different computer; I tried on my father's one, which only has Windows XP. Same result, even unplugging the PS/2 mouse it had attached.

Last attempt: plug the mouse in my computer under Fedora Core 2. Voila! Mouse working perfectly. To ensure it was a USB HID mouse, I checked from 'dmesg', which confirmed by thoughts.

Yet another reason not to use Windows ;-) (or to not buy mice made by the brand I mentioned...) If anybody has an idea of what's going on, please share it. If not, the mouse will go back to the shop soon (though I don't care much).