Hmm, running (or jogging if you prefer). It has passed a year - more or less - since I started practicing this sport. I must really like it because I keep running as a hobby after all this time. While running, you can hardly think of anything else than you and the road, so you can easily disconnect from any problems you have. And maybe the best thing about it is that you can practice it anytime, anywhere, with very few equipment.

I still remember the first day I went for a run: after doing a bit less than a kilometer, I was completely exhausted; I could hardly breath and my heart was going to explode. The way back home was worse: I had to stop three times to rest. And, after all, I only spent around 15 minutes.

Nowadays, I always do between 6 to 8 kilometers everytime I go for a run, spending around an hour and keeping my breathing under control. I would like to do this every day (as I used to), but it's impossible due to my actual timetable. So I only run when I have time to, which is in some weekday evenings and in the weekends.

If you don't practice any sport, consider changing your habits. Running can be a good choice since it has very few requirements, and you'll probably get addicted after noticing your improvements!