Did you know that cederrón is a correct word in Spanish, i.e., accepted by the RAE? Oh God, I couldn't believe it the first time I noticed this.

Why? Just consider that cederrón comes from an incorrect pronunciation of the CD-ROM acronym. I might like it if it was written with an "m", but not with an "n". Do you imagine ceedeerron being an English word? How ugly.

I'm also worried about the word encriptar, which does not exist in Spanish, but is used to refer to the English encrypt term. If encriptar was a real word, it could mean "to put something inside a crypt", more or less. But... as lots of people use it in speaking (and even writing!), one can expect that it will become an accepted word. However, be aware that we already have cifrar to refer to encrypt... so why not use it?