I've just finished watching the second (and last) season of Dark Angel, a TV series I discovered around past summer. All I can say is that the whole series are great, but IMVHO, too short. In fact, that's because FOX canceled them just after two seasons; what a pity.

These series tell you a science fiction story, set in the not so distant future. The plot is based around a genetically engineered girl, known as Max. She and several other kids escaped from a government facility where they were being trained to be perfect soldiers. After the ran away, she lost track of all her "brothers", and she wants to find them again (as they are the only "family" she has). This is part of the first season's plot, but this develops into something more complex.

I said kids before, but the story starts several years later after they escaped (maybe 15 or 20). Seattle, the city where she lives, is screwed; everything is heavily controlled by the police (some people say it's like the 1984 book, which I haven't read (yet)). Fortunately, she soon meets a man, Logan, who will help her to achieve her "dream". Don't be afraid; I'm not spoiling anything here: all this happens at the beginning of the first episode.

I think the episodes are well done, have a good deal of action and keep you wanting to know what will happen next (all of them are quite related and should be seen sequentially). So, if you like watching TV series, I highly recommend this one to you. The weird thing is that you'll be left wanting more when the second season finishes...

Edit (March 15th): I've changed the post's title.