A few days ago, I finally decided to sort all my MP3s. I started erasing lots of cruft that I never listen to and then renamed some files I had with weird names. I ended up with this layout: Artist/Album year - Album name/Song number - Song name.mp3.

When finished, I was exposed to the task of setting up the ID3 tags for all of them, something I did in the past using custom shell scripts together the id3v2 utility. However, this was a very error prone task, mainly due to string quoting in the shell.

So I decided to give a try to the EasyTAG utility. Man... what a wonderful tool! Just needed a few minutes to discover how it worked, and some minutes later, I had all my songs with correct ID3 tags in them. Certainly, give it a try.

Hmm, now it is a pleasure to use Rhythmbox, as all the songs appear correctly classified. Unfortunately, as it doesn't have an equalizer, I'll stick to Beep Media Player.