So... my faculty became part of the MSDNAA program few months ago. This program is meant to provide students with Microsoft's software — basically operating systems and development tools — for free. The intention (I guess) is to let we, the students, learn how these software packages work so that we use them in the future in our professional career.

Well, the thing is that, thanks to this, I can finally have a legal copy of Windows on my machine, and I also have the opportunity to try programs like Visual Studio .NET 2003. It feels good; at least I can use them without regretting.

But why do I want Windows, you may ask? I already outlined it two days ago: to try if my programs are portable to Windows using typical compilers (the ones I can get legally, such as the Borland's one or the Microsoft's one). Oh well, and of course, to play a bit too ;)