I am open to suggestions from my readers — that is, you — for future posts. Keep in mind that these are mere suggestions: I reserve the right to talk about those that I find interesting and omit those that don't. Note that this post's comments might be deleted in the future to leave room for newer ones.

Here is a non-exclusive list of topics I am inclined to cover:
  • General programming questions — specially if they are focused on C++.
  • General Unix questions — specially if they target BSD systems.
  • General portability questions.
  • pkgsrc internals and questions about the packages I maintain (mostly GNOME).
  • NetBSD internals (to some extent; I will be glad to explain what I have learned so far but I do not know much yet).
  • Questions about my own software projects.
Please note that this is not meant to be a technical support forum. If you need help using any of the projects listed above, please refer to their documentation and/or public mailing lists.

Yes, I took the idea of a suggestion box from The Old New Thing ;-)

(The aim of this post is to be linked from the Basics column on the sidebar. Its contents can change without further notice.)