I never blogged about this before, but around six months ago, I bought a second-hand iBook 14", G3 at 600Mhz with 256Mb of RAM. The machine has served me very well during this time although I felt its slowliness (specially under Mac OS X) to do common tasks: buildling stuff (university projects) and composing documents under OpenOffice.org. I also felt its weight when carrying it on my backback.

However, a friend of mine offered to buy it for a reasonable price some days ago… so I decided to sell it and buy a shiny new one. And this is what I’ve just done: gone to the closest Apple Store and bought an iBook 12" (G4 at 1.33Ghz, 1Gb of RAM, and 40Gb of hard disk). Less weight, faster and nicer :-)

I’ll keep using Mac OS X for a while in this computer. I want the laptop to do real work and not fight setting it up (as used to happen in the previous one with Debian GNU/Linux and NetBSD. Of course, I’ll try them some day (or, at the very least, pkgsrc), but when I have more free time; I’m very busy these days with some university stuff (and I needed a faster laptop to get this work done).

Now, to explore it a bit more! :-)