Yesterday morning, I sold my good and old Logitech Marble Mouse trackball. I had the first version that came with a PS/2 connector and with only two buttons. I wanted to change it for a new one mostly because I need a USB-enabled one, but also because I want to have a scrolling wheel (to me it's extremely useful).

Since then until now, I've gone to ~all local PC shops (if you live in Barcelona, you know what this means when going to Ronda de Sant Antoni and nearbys) asking for trackballs, but none of them has a single one. More specifically, I've been looking for the same model I had (I loved it, even when playing FPS games) but in its new version, which comes with a USB connection and two additional buttons that simulate the scrolling wheel. Are trackballs obsolete or what?

I think I'll order it directly to Logitech's online shop because I resist to buy a regular mouse. While they are very nice, I don't have much space to put it. However, Apple's Mighty Mouse makes me doubt... basically because its four-direction scrolling ;-)

Oh, and I also want to avoid wireless ones (well, this one might be nice, as it'd be like a remote control... but it's rather expensive). Why do I want it to be wireless, wasting batteries, when I can simply connect it to my keyboard's USB hub? :-)