I've uploaded GStreamer 0.10, the base plugins set and the good plugins set to pkgsrc. This new major version is parallel installable with the prior 0.8 series; this is why all the old packages have been renamed to make things clearer.

Fortunately, this version was easier to package because it does not need a "plugin registry" as the previous one did (i.e., no need for install-time scripts). Even though, the split of the plugins in different distfiles (base, good, bad, et. al.) make it a bit more complex.

Let's now wait until someone packages Beep Media Player's development version and we'll be able to enjoy its features (assuming it works fine, of course...).

I have to confess that I'm losing interest in maintaining the GNOME-related packages in pkgsrc. They take me too much time, time that I'd rather spend on other NetBSD-related tasks. This is why this update has been delayed so much...