A couple of weeks ago, I received a notification from GNOME's Bugzilla telling me that one of my bug reports was closed, being marked as incomplete. That really bothered me a lot because it was closed without applying any fix to the code — after all, NetBSD is dead, right?

What is worse: the maintainers acknowledged that the bug report was correct, so there is a real bug in glib. So why the hell was it closed without intervention? Fixing it is a matter of 5 minutes or less for an experienced glib developer.

OK, fine, you'd try to blame me: I failed to provide a patch in a timely fashion but that's not a good reason to close a bug report without a fix. At the very least, they'd have tried to contact me or the other developer who spoke up again — if they had, I'd have done the patch because I simply forgot about the report.

So... do not close a bug if it is still there and you are aware of it!