I've just decided to learn how to publish images in Blogger. And in fact, it's damn easy, but for some reason I thought it was not — that is, I believed I had to register myself in some other service and was lazy to do it...

Here come some pictures of my rig:

The desktop
The picture above shows my desktop. You can see the iBook G4 working in clamshell mode (well, sort of). It's connected to the Apple keyboard, to the mini mouse (I ought to replace it), to the BenQ FP202W flat pannel and to the stereo system. If you can notice the free USB wire next to the laptop... that's my manual switch for the keyboard and mouse! ;-) On the right side below the table is my PC, the Athlon XP 2600+ machine. Oh, and there is the Palm m515, this month's DDJ issue and a 802.11 book I got recently.

The test machine
This other picture shows the machine I used during tmpfs development to do all the necessary tests. It's a Pentium 2 233Mhz with 128Mb of RAM and is connected to the PC with a serial line (plus to the Ethernet, of course). (I've been playing with qemu recently and I might get rid of it.) Below the speaker (on the floor) is my old Viewsonic monitor that I'm trying to sell.

The old Macintosh
At last, this other picture shows the Apple Macintosh Performa 630 I found a year and a half ago (no, the monitor is not currently connected). It's waiting for a reinstall of NetBSD/mac68k. Ah, and there is also a VHS video on the left side of the table which is connected to the PC.

Next time I shall publish pictures of the SoC and Monotone T-shirts ;-)