OK, I know this comes late but I had to publish it. GNOME 2.14.0 was published a few days ago. As happens with all other major releases in the 2.x series, this one comes with several improvements and tons of bug fixes. Note that these are not "very big" changes; they can be seen as minor refinements over the previous version, aiming for a better user experience. You can check this review for more information.

I have alread played with this version in its full power: I installed Ubuntu Dapper to get it up and running in few hours, resulting in a fully working desktop environment. (I think I'm leaving KDE again ;-)

Now I'm dealing with the update in pkgsrc; I've almost got the gnome-base package up to date, so I hope to be able to boot into this new version tomorrow or so. Thanks to the currently running package freeze, I can work on the update without interferences for a period of two weeks in which I hope to get the new version running, shake out some bugs and feed some patches back. I hate to see some packages such as gnome-vfs2 or libgtop2 with lots of local patches, as they are almost unmaintenable.

(I know, I know... the freeze is aimed at solving bugs. But I do this big update now that I have some-but-not-much free time or I won't be able to do it.)