thomasvs (who appears in Planet GNOME) is running a post titled How not to solve a problem in his blog. He talks about the aggressive tone used in a page from Autopackage's wiki and how it can cause a bad impression of that project. (I was going to reply to his post in his blog but commenting is unsupported... so posting this here.)

That "Linux problems" page talks about many issues that arise when trying to redistribute software in binary form for the Linux platform. It outlines many real problems that users face when using binaries not specifically built for their installation and how it prevents developers from creating binary-only versions of their programs that will work anywhere.

That page is certainly a good read. It contains a lot of technical interesting details of how ABI compatibility is broken often. (But you know, Linux is just a kernel so some of them may be unsolvable, unfortunately.)

You need to have suffered these problems to understand the tone of the page (which might be improved to be a bit more polite). It is frustrating to see how people continues to do "incorrect" things that cause pain to third parties. OK, OK, this is because those people are not aware of the issues... but hey, that's what that page is for, to inform them!

I already expressed my concerns here and here. They are not about binary portability, but I feel they are somewhat related.