After some days of delay, Google has published the final list of chosen projects for this year's Summer of Code; it consists of 630 funded projects. If you browse through them, you will find lots of interesting things. The good thing is that most of them will be worked on seriously, so there will be great contributions by the end of the summer :-)

As I told you, my project is listed under the Boost page alongside other interesting projects. It looks like Boost will get a lot of new work — and contributors — this summer. At least, this is the case for me: I am not very involved with Boost development yet.

Also take a look at the NetBSD-SoC page, which lists all projects chosen by NetBSD. At first I was sorry to abandon my slot in favour of the Boost one. But now that I have seen the project that took it, I am happy; it is something really needed. I won't tell you which it is because all of them are equally interesting! ;-)