I am sorry for the small amount of posts lately but I think this is the busiest semester I have ever had since I started my undergraduate degree four years ago. Here is what I have to do, sorted from more to less interesting:
  • VIG (in pairs): Develop an application with Qt and OpenGL that shows a scenario and a set of cars moving around it. The interface has to allow the user to inspect the view, manage the cars (amount, position, etc.), configure the drivers (little models on top of the cars), set up the lighting and some other things.
  • SODX (in pairs): Prepare a presentation of multicast in P2P networks (SplitStream, Overcast...) after studying these systems and experimenting with them. Also write reports for 6 assignments we have had during the course (three remaining).
  • LP (in pairs): Write an abstract data type in Haskell that represents a network of processes (similar to the data flow programming paradigm) and add the ability to automatically convert this representation to Miranda executable code.
  • PESBD (in groups of 5): Analyze and design a computer-based system to aid auction companies. This has to be done following the (Rational) Unified Process, going through the Inception and part of the Elaboration phases.
  • SSI (in groups of 4): Analyze about the risks and attacks that a given company can suffer (focusing on computer-based attacks, but not exclusively) and write a report exposing possible ways to mitigate the problems.
The worst thing is that all these tasks are due by the beginning of June and all of them are still half done. Add to these the need to assist to lectures, to keep up with emails and other daily stuff and you can imagine how the next three weeks will be.

Now I'm looking forward the 23rd quite impatiently because it is when Google will publish the projects chosen for this year's Summer of Code. I will tell you more when the results are public.