Today makes the second year since this blog was born; its birth happened in the middle of final exams, just as the same period I'm in now. As you may remember, it was firstly hosted on Livejournal but was later migrated to Blogger on October 22nd, 2005. During the switch, it was renamed from "jmmv's weblog" to "The Julipedia".

This makes the 272nd post which gives an average of 0.37 posts a day. My initial intention was to reach a constant rate of a post per day, but I have been unable to keep up with that goal. I have so much other things to do... but now that the semester is almost over, I hope to be able to post more often.

During the whole life time of this blog, there was a single month without posts (August 2004) because I was on holidays. According to the statistics, there are an average of 70 unique visits per day with some random days going over 120. Overall, a total of almost 15,400 unique visits since the migration to Blogger. I think it's in quite good health.

Happy birthday and thank you all for reading :-)