Due to all the university tasks I had to finish, I could not start work on my SoC project eariler than this weekend. Final exams are now around the corner (first one on the 21st, last one on the 30th), but I will have to balance study time and SoC work if I want to make progress in both directions... and I have to!

Sincerely, I was lazy to start working on my project because I had to investigate how Boost's build infrastructure works and how to integrate a new library into it. However, as this had to be done, I sat down today and some hours, I passed that barrier. It has not been easy, though: everything is fairly well documented, but it is not organized in a way that a novice can see the overall picture. Now that the basic project files are up, I am really eager to continue working on the project.

What I have done today has been to understand how to set up a standalone project using Boost.Build v2 (that is, outside the Boost's source code) and how to set up the basic documentation using QuickBook. The following logical step is to integrate all the notes I took a year ago and complete them with other requirements and useful information.

The Boost people kindly set up a Trac system and a Subversion repository for us to work on our SoC projects. So... the above has made its way into my first commit to the tree!

And before I forget: this past weekend I started to investigate the MFC to learn how to manage processes under Windows, a requirement for this project. More on this on future posts.