Mmm... SoC. Multiple things have been going on lately in my SoC project, yet I've kept you uninformed. As I already told you, my project aims to develop a C++ library for the Boost project to manage child processes; it's named Boost.Process.

During June I discussed with Jeff Garland — my mentor — the general design of the library. The design is surely not final but it is a lot better than it was at its first sketches. For example: it makes use of templates where appropriate to let the user replace any part of the library with his own code (more or less). I must say he has been very patient with all my questions and has provided extremely valuable information.

I also seized that month to investigate a bit the Win32 API because the library must work on Windows too. I couldn't do much more during that time because I was busy with semester's final exams. All passed by the way :-)

And now to the interesting thing. I've spent the past week (almost two) implementing a preliminary prototype. It is still incomplete but has already raised many issues; you know, it is hard to get into the details (that affect the design) without coding a bit. The prototype also includes multiple unit tests to ensure that everything works, as it shall be; Boost's Unit Test Framework is a really nice tool to implement them.

Browse the source code for more details.