Last night I finished updating the GNOME meta packages in pkgsrc to the latest stable version, 2.14.3. Yes, I had to take a break from Boost.Process coding (which is progressing nicely by the way; check the docs).

The meta packages had been stalled at 2.14.0 since the big update back in April which shows how few time I've had to do any pkgsrc work — well, you can also blame the iBook with its Mac OS X, if you want to ;-) Luckily the packages are now up to date, but I hope they'll not get stalled at this version for too long: 2.16.0 is around the corner (due in one-two months!).

I must thank Matthias Drochner and Thomas Klausner for all their work in the GNOME packages during this period of time. Although they did not touch the meta packages, almost all of the components were brought up to date very promptly after each stable release; in fact, I just had to update a dozen of packages on my own to get a complete 2.14.3 installation, aside from tweaking the meta packages.

Let me finish with a call for help: the biggest thing missing (in my opinion, that is) in GNOME under NetBSD right now is HAL. It shouldn't be too difficult to get to work but will certainly require several days of discussion and coding. Shall you want to help here (which basically boils down to adding a kernel driver and porting the userland utilities), feel free to contact me for more details.