A week has almost passed since someone told me that D-Bus' session daemon was broken in NetBSD. I curse that day! ;-) I've been investigating that problem since then and (very) beleatedly fixing some issues in other GNOME programs during the process.

D-Bus' session daemon did not work under NetBSD because it couldn't authenticate incoming connections; that was due to the lack of socket credentials. After some of days of investigation — which included discovering that NetBSD does indeed support socket credentials through LOCAL_CREDS — and multiple attempts to implement them, I finally got D-Bus session daemon to authenticate appropriately.

This served me to fix gnome-keyring too, which was broken for the exact same reason, and gnome-keyring-manager, the application I was using to check whether gnome-keyring worked or not.

At last I also finally sat down and solved an annoying problem in the gnome-applets package that caused the Sticky Notes applet to crash when adding a new note; this had been happening since 2.12.0 if I recall correctly. I am sure that the root of this problem was also producing incorrect behavior in other panel applets.

For more details check these out:
Ouch... and GNOME 2.16 is around the corner... I'm afraid of all the new problems to come!