In a rush to publish Boost.Process before the SoC deadline arrives, I've been working intensively during the past two days to polish some issues raised by my mentor. First of all I've added some Win32-specific classes so that the library does not seem Unix-only. These new classes provide functionality only available under Windows and, on the documentation side, they come with a couple of extra examples to demonstrate their functionality.

Speaking of documentation, it has been improved a lot. The usage chapter has been rewritten almost completely; it has gained a couple of tutorials and all the platform-specific details in it have been moved to two new chapters. One of them focuses on explaining those features available only under a specific operating system while the other summarizes multiple portability issues that may arise when using the generic classes. Additionally, a chapter about supported systems and compilers has been added.

There are still two big things missing that shall be worked on in the (very) short term: add a design decisions chapter to the documentation and incorporate asynchronous functionality to the library by using Boost.Asio. This last thing is needed to keep things simple from the user 's point of view (i.e. no threads on his code).

Check out the official announcement for more details.

I guess that this closes SoC for me this year. There are still going to be some changes before Monday but don't expect anything spectacular (I'll be away during the weekend... hopefully ;-). But don't be afraid! Work on this project will continue afterwards!