A while ago, I was doubtful about the subject of my undergraduate thesis (or PFC as we call it). At first, I wanted to work on a regression testing framework for NetBSD. This is something I really want to see done and I'd work on it if I had enough free time now... Unfortunately, it didn't fit quite well my expectations for the PFC: it was a project not related at all with the current research subjects in my faculty, hence it was not appropriate enough to integrate into one of these work groups.

So, after inverstigating some of the projects proposed by these research groups, I've finally settled on one that revolves around heterogeneous multiprocessor systems such as the Cell Broadband Engine. The resulting code will be based on Linux as it is the main (only?) platform for Cell development, but the concepts should still be applicable to other systems. Who knows, maybe I'll end up trying to port NetBSD to a Cell machine — shouldn't be too hard if that G5 support is integrated ;-)

The preliminary title: Efficient resource management in heterogeneous multiprocessor systems. For more details, check out the Project proposal (still not concreted, as you can see).