The Cursa Bombers is a 10km-long race that takes place in Barcelona city. Today, it has been celebrated for the 9th consecutive year with a record in the number of participants: almost 13,000.

As I told you a long time ago, I enjoy running so I decided to take part in this race. The event started at 10:00 in the morning and lasted a maximum of an hour and 20 minutes.

It took me 46'39" to finish it and ended up in the 4156 position; not that bad, considering that I haven't trained running for a while. The breakdown is:
  • Absolute time of arrival: 48'49"
  • Real time to completion: 46'39"
  • Absolute position: 4156th (considering the absolute time)
  • Corrected position: 3857th (considering the real time)
  • Category and position within it: Male senior, 1917th
  • Average time per km: 4'40"
  • Position and time at first checkpoint (2,5km): 5531th, 14'34"
  • Position and time at second checkpoint (5km): 4973th, 27'02"
  • Position and time at third checkpoint (7,5km): 4456th, 34'46"
It is the first race I run but it has been very enjoyable and exciting. I'm already looking forward to the next one!

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