Even though I don't usually repost general NetBSD news, I would like to mention this one: the NetBSD web site has got a severe facelifting aiming at improving its usability and increasing the consistency among its pages.

Many thanks to Daniel Sieger for his perseverance and precious work. This is something that had been attempted in the past many times but raised so many bikesheds that it was never accomplished.

In case you would like to contribute to the project doing something relatively easy, you can do so now. It could be interesting to revamp many of the existing pages to be more user friendly by reorganizing their contents (simplification is good sometimes!), their explanations and making better use of our XML-based infrastructure. Keep in mind that the web site is the main "entry point" to a project and newcomers should feel very comfortable with it; otherwise they will go away in less than a minute!

Furthermore, it'd be nice to see if there are any plain HTML pages left and convert them to XML. This could make all those pages automatically use the new look of the site and integrate better with it. (If you don't know what I mean, just click, for example, on the Report or query a bug at the top of the front page. It looks ugly; very ugly. But unfortunately, this is not as simple as to convert the page to XML because it is automatically generated by some script.)

Send your feedback to www AT NetBSD.org or to the netbsd-docs AT NetBSD.org public list.