The deadline for my PFC (the project that will conclude my computer science degree) is approaching. I have to hand out the final report next week and present the project on July 6th. Its title is "Efficient resource management in heterogeneous multiprocessor systems" and its basic goal is to inspect the poor management of such machines in current operating systems and how this situation could be improved in the future.

Our specific case study has been the Cell processor, the PlayStation 3 and Linux, as these form a clear example of an heterogeneous multiprocessor system that may become widespread due to its relatively cheap price and the attractive features (gaming, multimedia playback, etc.) it provides to a "home user".

Most of the project has been an analysis of the current state of the art and the proposal of ideas at an abstract level. Due to timing constraints and the complexity of the subject (should I also mention bad planning?), I have been unable to implement most of them even though I wanted to do so at the very beginning. The code I've done is so crappy that I won't be sharing it anytime soon, but if there is interest I might clean it up (I mean, rewrite it from the ground up) and publish it to a wider audience.

Anyway, to the real point of this post. I've published an almost definitive copy of the final report so that you can take a look at it if you want to. I will certainly welcome any comments you have, be it mentioning bugs, typos, wrong explanOctations or anything! Feel free to post them as comments here or to send me a mail, but do so before next Monday as that's the deadline for printing. Many thanks in advance if you take the time to do a quick review!

(And yes... this means I'll be completely free from now on to work on my SoC project, which is being delayed too much already...)

Edit (Oct 17th): Moved the report in the server; fixed the link here.