I've finally got at a point where I can start converting some of the current regression tests in the NetBSD tree to use the new ATF system. To prove this point, I've migrated all the tests that currently live in regress/bin to the new framework. They all now live in /usr/tests/util/. This has not been a trivial task — and it is not completely done yet, as there still are some rough edges — but I'm quite happy with the results. They show me that I'm on the right track :-) and, more importantly, they show outsiders how things are supposed to work.

If you want more information on this specific change you can look at the revision that implements it or simply inspect the corresponding patch file. By the way, some of the tests already fail! That's because they were not run often enough in the past, something that ATF is supposed to resolve.

While waiting for a NetBSD release build to complete, I have started working on a real web site for ATF. Don't know if I'll keep working on it now because it's a tough job and there is still a lot of coding to do. Really! But, on the other hand, having a nice project page is very good marketing.