After some time complaining about the slowness, the size and the non-working zoom of my old camera, a Kodak Easyshare DX4530 that my father gave me when replacing it, I am now a proud owner of a Canon PowerShot A570 IS. This is my first "decent" digital camera, and I'm looking forward to learning the basics of photography with it.

This camera is bigger than what I planned — it is not much smaller than the Kodak —, but, on the other hand, it offers lots of features worth having. To mention some: it has good lens quality, complete manual controls, optical image stabilization, a standard optical zoom (4x) and a very intuitive and easy-to-manage interface (but, of course, this last point is my personal opinion).

I thought I could share some pictures of the mess my desktop currently is &mdash. OK, OK, maybe it's not that messy; I have seen photos depicting much worse scenarios than this one. I wish mine could be similar to this one, powered by a huge Apple Cinema Display and a Mac Pro, but I'm not there (yet!) ;-) The laptop and the desire to hack NetBSD on old computers makes keeping things tidy hard.

So here we go: this is the main view, where you can easily see the MacBook Pro, an old Apple keyboard to the left and a relatively old PC on the right-low corner, connected to an old flat screen seen at the top-right corner. There is also too much garbage on top of the table that should not really be there: batteries, the speakers, papers... scissors?

And here you can see the "vintage corner", currently composed of a couple of old Macintoshes (68040-powered) and a DNARD (also known as a "shark"). There are also a couple of USB hard disks, but those are not old ;-)