A bit more than a week ago, I posted about considering to buy a PlayStation 3 and, finally, yesterday evening I took the plunge and bought a Starter Pack that comes with a PlayStation 3 (60GB model, about to be deprecated), 2 Sixaxis controllers (I know the DualShock 3 is about to be published) and two games (Resistance: Fall of Man and Motorstorm).

I love the machine so far and think that the money was well spent, even though I haven't had a chance to install Linux yet. Sincerely, I tried but failed: Fedora 8 (Test 3) doesn't seem to be supported by the installer, but I'll keep trying.

My setup:

But this screws everything up:

Eww, ugly, isn't it? ;-) What's the point of a machine able to output Full HD when I only have this crappy monitor? Specially when the signal of the PS3 is going through an old Avermedia TV Phone card plugged into an old computer that is later connected to this flat panel though an analog VGA connection. Lots of image quality loss! (The Linux console looks even uglier. No joy in using it as a desktop system with this setup, as I wanted to do.)

By the way, the monitor is showing the Folding@Home client bundled in the PS3 system.