As promised in the previous post Choosing a 24" widescreen monitor, here comes the brief analysis I did before deciding which monitor to buy. Refer to the comparison table (or the PDF version if the XHTML one does not work for you) for more details. I'm linking this externally because putting it here, in this width-limited page, would be unsuitable.

The data in that table has been taken from the official vendor pages when possible, even though they failed to list some of the details. I tried to look for the missing ones around the network and came up with, I think, fairly trustable data. But of course some of them may be wrong.

By the way, be specially careful when comparing the Contrast ratio and Response time fields. Each vendor likes to advertise these in different ways, so you cannot really compare them without knowing what each value really means (and I don't, because they generally don't specify it).

Anyway, even the table is not complete (some fields are marked with N/A because I could not easily came up with an answer), I hope it will be useful to some of you.