A couple of weeks ago, I called BenQ's RMA service to ask for a fix for my new FP241W Z. I have problems with the HDMI digital input: the monitor crops part of the image on each side and makes it slightly bigger to fill all the screen. It turns out that there is a firmware upgrade for this specific monitor that adds a configuration option to turn off overscan, which effectively should resolve this problem. So I called them to get the firmware in my monitor updated.

The operator was very polite and helpful. After asking for the details of the monitor and the problem I was having, she confirmed that, effectively, the problem I was describing was due to an outdated firmware and that they'd be fixing it for free. I gave the necessary data and then —after 20-something minutes— they told me that a carrier would come to my location and pick the monitor up for delivery to the technical center. But first, such carrier had to contact me to set up a date for the hand out.

Two weeks after, no one had called me nor sent me any email. In fact, they told me that I should be receiving an email, so I simply waited patiently because, when it comes to email, things can be very slow. I even thought that I might have deleted that message as spam.  But two weeks was already too much.

So yesterday's afternoon, I called the RMA service again and explained the situation. They promised to fix it that evening. Effectively, they did. They called me this morning asking for another detail about the monitor, so I assumed things were being dealt with.

And this afternoon, at around 15.30, I received a funny SMS from the carrier that had to pick the monitor up. They basically said "We will come to pick up the package on the 30th (aka today). It will be between 9.00 to 12.00 or between 12.00 to 19.00.".  Great!  Could it be more inaccurate please?  First of all, the mentioned times cover practically all day. Second, most of that time had already been skipped. And third, I was getting the notice the same day they were coming. I immediately rang home and asked my mother if somebody had gone there. As they had not shown up yet, I returned home quickly, packed the monitor up in a hurry and soon after, the carrier reached home.  Just a matter of luck I was able to deal with this on time!

This isn't really a critique; I just want to explain how the process is going as things progress. The BenQ service has been very responsive and polite until now, and I think I can only blame the carrier service.  Let's hope things move fast and well from now on.