Don't know why but I finally succumbed to Twitter today, as if I did not have enough things to waste time.  You can follow me with the jmmv nick.

I just noticed this post comes after more than a month since the last one; my apologies.  I do not have any free time these days to think about writing decent posts nor doing anything else.  My current work is basically attending class, writing reports, reading papers and going to the gym (this last thing only when possible).

One of the things that drew a lot of my time recently was the writing of a paper for WIOSCA 2008, and I was just noticed of its acceptance.  Most likely you won't see me there though.

Oh, and it's definitive.  I will be interning at Google NYC from late-July to late-October this year!  Extremely impatient for July to arrive.  Will be joining the Site Reliability Engineering team.