Got up early (I'm still jet lagged so this is not difficult at all) and went running to Central Park. What a nice jogging track around the lake! Also surprising was the amount of people running at that hour of the day (7.30). Then I headed to Google early enough to have breakfast there and started to do some work. I'm starting to understand stuff, and it looks like that my work will be exciting! Can't wait until tomorrow to get there again and continue learning. I really wanted to experience this feeling again.

Then the typical stuff: had lunch, worked some more and even had dinner there. Having dinner early was good because then I went on foot up to Times Square. Just WOW. This place is small but amazing; it seems a completely different city on its own. Will need to go back again with my camera, which I wasn't carrying today. At last, done some shopping at CVS and went home. Now it's time for blogging and watching yet another episode of Dexter while enjoying a beer. (Well, how do I dare to call it a beer? It's alcohol-free. I picked it up incorrectly at the super market.)

So, finally today, I think I'm starting to really understand the subway system. A colleague at work, Patrick, explained me the rationale behind the local and express trains, which in fact seems a pretty good idea. I'll try tomorrow to pick the 4th or 5th to get to Google to see how long it takes. Let's hope the extra train switch doesn't make the trip last for more than the 6th on its own, or otherwise I'll probably miss breakfast.

Also, at Google today, I was trying to figure out how the expresso coffee machine worked and asked a guy that was using it. While he was explaining to me the details of how to use it, I quickly noticed that special English accent that Spanish people have (I do too for sure). Guess I'll have someone to go partying this weekend!

And at last I'm trying to figure out housing once again. I visited three different flats today. Let's hope I get an answer by tomorrow...

Phew, this blog is starting to look like a diary... well, will be good to remember this nice experience in the future.