Today was a pretty cool day. Everything was like usual, which means running by Central Park in the morning and then going to work... but then, in the evening, several interns met to go for some beers at some random bar in downtown.  Had a pretty nice time there and met several people at Google!

Not much else to say, other than it´s already late and I need to sleep quite a bit.  Oh, yes, I´m noticing that the English keyboard that I have at work is now confusing me while writing with my Spanish one!

Ah, and I can´t forget saying that living alone is soooo cool... nobody is watching around what I do. Can get at home at any time I want without giving any explanations at all. Sure, I have to do some work by myself, such as cleaning or the laundry, but those are a bearable enough compared to the feeling of complete freedom. Really.