Micro-blogging services are preventing me to write real posts in my blog... so here comes a summary of recent happenings.

I finished my master's degree in Computer Architecture, Networks and Systems a week ago, when I presented the master's thesis titled Task scheduling on the Cell processor. I'll try to post it somewhere online when I have good internet connection.

Then, I've spent this whole week at the ACACES Summer School, a meet-up of people from the HiPEAC project to take courses on several computer architecture topics and get to know new people that works on similar areas as you. This meet-up happens in a campus at L'Aquila, a small town in Italy. I don't understand why some people at my university said that they did not want to come... because for me, it has been a great and fun week!

And well, tomorrow I'm leaving ACACES and flying directly to New York City, to start my 4-month internship at the Google SRE group on Monday.