Wow... two weeks have passed already. Time flies :-(

Today I got up late after yesterday's hang out and then went to have lunch with my new roommate and his brother. After lunch, my roommate had to got back to work, and his brother and I walked downtown to take a look at the World Trade Center. After seeing that, we walked by the southern coast and saw the Statue of Liberty in the distance. I guess I'll have to take the ferry one day and see it from a closer distance, but better wait until there are not too many tourists and for colder weather. At last, we returned to visit Google going all along Broadway, while visiting some shops.

I'm really exhausted. Google Earth says that we walked for almost 11Km non-stop! Check out the photos!

Edit (22:50): Just finished watching Season 1 of The Big Bang Theory. Hilarious! I'm eager to see more episodes, but that'll have to wait until Season 2 is aired.