I should have posted this yesterday at most... but anyway, here it comes so that I do not forget about recent happenings. What I mean is that day 19th was yesterday (August 6th), not today!

Day 17: Some more learning work at Google. The interesting thing of that day was that a friend from Barcelona arrived to the city at 10pm approximately, so we went to have a beer to a place in the lower East River. Very touristic but pretty nice. Also, he was riding a hired car, so I was able to see the city from another "perspective".

Day 18: Again, some more learning. At midday, I registered for the Nike Human Race, a 10Km race that will take place on August 31st in 25 cities around the world. The nice thing is that for the low registration fee, I got a pair of shiny new sneakers and the Nike+ Sportsband. Now I have Nike shoes, the iPod+Nike kit at home (a present from another race)... so I am now only missing a real iPod! At night I went out with a Spanish colleague from work and two other Spanish guys, friends of him, that are also visiting the city.

Day 19: Tried the new sneakers and the Sportsband. Both are pretty amazing! Comfortable shoes and the measures taken by the sensors seem to be quite accurate. Plus you can get a nice history of your runs on the website. At work, I finally did some coding. And, in the evening, we had a Google Boat Cruise for interns (photos available) followed by beers at a couple of bars.

Bah, I should get back to posting once per day to avoid such telegraphic descriptions...