Day 13: Not much to comment, other than I finally got my welcome Google t-shirt!

Day 14: Moved to the new apartment. It was pretty annoying to have to move all my stuff using the subway, basically due to the incredible heat in the streets and inside the subway. But finally, I have a relatively decent place to stay for the four months. Shared with another person, cheaper than the older apartment and... just one block away from Google! Oh, and at night I went to one of these ultra-classy clubs (230 Fifth Avenue) with several other interns and later to a couple of bars. Wasted way too much money.

Day 15: Properly installed in the apartment by emptying the bags and filling the closet and drawers. Finally! I had had all my stuff in the bag for three weeks already and it was pretty annoying to find stuff this way. Also walked around the neighborhood and checked several book shops. I saw many interesting books that I would like to buy one day (in special, one about Haskell!), but just before leaving the last shop I was visiting (Barnes & Noble), I passed by a set of books that were discounted 50% of the price. And one of them immediately caught my eye: A Manual for Writers of Research Papers, Theses, and Dissertations, Seventh Edition: Chicago Style for Students and Researchers. At the ridiculous price it was selling, I couldn't resist buying it! Let's hope it is useful :) Now... maybe it's time to go out again, but this time with my new roommate and his brother.