I've landed this morning in San Francisco at 9.00am (which means I left NYC at 6.00am!) and went straight down to the Google Headquarters in Mountain View. No sleep at all except for a little bit of pseudo-sleep in the plane. The Google campus is really nice. It puts the NYC offices in an inferior level than I thought :P But the only problem is that the area surrounding the campus is basically empty. Very small houses and lots of space between them, which is not bad per se... but means that there really is not much to do.

Anyway. What am I doing here? I am attending the Google Summer of Code 2008 Mentors Summit this weekend, but came a bit earlier to be able to do a couple of meetings with coworkers in the Mountain View office. Pretty exhausting day, and it is not close to over yet!

Just enjoy the few photos I've taken so far.

PS: Been playing mini-golf on-board until I got an unasked segmentation fault.