Yesterday night, we went to a techno club — Webster Hall — which had Carl Cox as an invited DJ. Some of my friends around here enjoy this music and said this was a great DJ, so we couldn't miss it. He indeed was good.

Today, after few hours of sleep, I have been doing quite a bit of housework: basically, huge cleaning, reordering and some DIY — had to fix some drawers. Resolving the extremely loud and annoying hissing caused by the heating system will have to wait, though.

What I have enjoyed today, though, is spending the evening walking around Brooklyn and, more specifically, in Prospect Park. Central Park is very nice, you know, but this other park is too! Not to mention that the borough (Brooklyn) seems awesome... or at least the few neighborhoods I've visited so far. Much more relaxed than Manhattan and, I've been told, cheaper for living. Anyway, enjoy the photos :-)

I guess tomorrow will be, finally, a museum day. Not going out tonight (I'm extremely tired and can't meet my friends) so I guess I'll be able to wake up early and seize the day. We'll see.

Note to self: never, never, never again, buy batteries from a crappy deli. They last for a few photos only! Who knows for how long they have been in the shop shelves.