That's it! I'm in SF after my first "vacations" day. The trip, door to door, has taken around 12 hours; I got up at 4.45am in NYC, took the flight at 8.30am in JFK, arrived to SFO at 12.00pm and got to the hotel at around 2.00pm (all of these local times in their respective places; three-hour difference between eastern and western coasts). No cabs, which is what enlarged the total time a noticeable amount.

The city seems pretty nice so far. More laid back than Manhattan... but still overpriced. And I miss some things from NYC such as the 24/7 availability of virtually everything (note, it is Sunday today!). Even though, I have been only able to explore the surroundings of the hotel today — that is, Union Square and a bit of SoMA — so this opinion may change in the following days. Dunno what I'll do in these other days yet, though.

I've taken lots of pictures (103) but most of them are worthless due to poor lighting :( Anyway, I guess I'll eventually share some of them.

Now, almost time to go to sleep. Jet lag is kicking in. I don't want to think how bad this will be when I go back to Spain!