Yesterday was my 2nd day of vacations at San Francisco but ended up so tired that I couldn't sit down to write this post. What did I do? Basically, yesterday was a walking day. I got out of the hotel early in the morning (around 9am) and came back at 4pm, just to leave again at 5.30pm and return at 8.30pm. That's a lot of hours of wandering around!

Basically, my path started at the hotel and I headed to the North Beach neighborhood through Downtown. From there, I climbed up to the Coit Tower; these hills are painful! Then I took the Powell steps to get to the Piers and walked north-west around the coast to end in the Aquatic Park. After that, a walk to the hotel to rest a little bit. And afterwards, headed Downtown again to have dinner at a place called Bocadillos, hoping that I'd find something similar to the Spanish "bocadillos"; no luck though, but the food was OK. At last, while returning home, I took pictures of some cool buildings decorated for Christmas.

As a result, 202 more photos to process... I'll eventually post some, I guess.

And the plan for today is to cross the Golden Gate, visit the Golden Gate Park and, in the evening, meet some local NetBSDers. Will see how that goes.