That's it. Two days ago I landed in Barcelona and my stay in NYC finished. I was happy to see family and friends again, but I'm missing NYC and, in special, the people there a lot.

I'm actually considering moving to NYC as soon as I find a decent job there and postponing the acquisition of a Ph.D. Many people says I should just do that, but some friends say that my feelings will eventually go away and I'll feel comfortable here again. I know that this second thing is true, but why should I accept that if there is a chance for a change? Why can't I try to go and live there? Why do I have to hurt the people I met there? I can think of some reasons to stay in Barcelona for, but I can also think of more interesting reasons to leave.

Anyway... don't worry, this is not the common post you'll find in this blog! I think I'll just go back to blogging about technical stuff. I know I still have to prepare a summary post for the stay and probably a relatively small selection of photos, but I think that will come later. If you ever can go to NYC, don't doubt: just do it.