I am very happy to announce the availability of the 0.6 release of ATF. I have to apologize for this taking so long because the code has been mostly-ready for a while. However, doing the actual release procedure is painful. Testing the code in many different configurations to make sure it works, preparing the release files, uploading them, announcing the new release on multiple sites... not something I like doing often.

Doing some late reviews, I have to admit that the code has some rough edges, but these could not delay 0.6 any more. The reason is that this release will unblock the NetBSD-SoC atfify project, making it possible to finally integrate all the work done in it into the main NetBSD source tree.

Explicit thanks go to Lukasz Strzygowski. He was not supposed to contribute to ATF during his Summer of Code 2008 project, but he did, and he actually provided very valuable code.

The next step is to update the NetBSD source tree to ATF 0.6. I have extensive local changes for this in my working copy, but I'm very tired at the moment. I think I'll postpone their commit until tomorrow so that I don't screw up something badly.

Enjoy it and I'm looking for your feedback on the new stuff!