During the past few months, I've got into the habit of using a bug tracker to organize my tasks at the work place. People assign tickets to me to get things done and I also create and self-assign tickets to myself to keep them as a reminder of the mini-projects to be accomplished. Sincerely, this approach works very well for me and keeps me focused.

Since then, I've been wishing to have a similar system set up for ATF. Yeah, we could use the Gnats installation provided by NetBSD... but I hate this issue tracking system. It's ancient, ugly, and I do really want a web interface to manage my tickets through.

So, this weekend, I finally took some time and set up a Trac installation for ATF to provide a decent bug/task tracking system. The whole Apache plus Trac setup was more complex than I imagined, but I do hope that the results will pay off :-)

Take a look at the official announcement for more details!